More than a recent graduate of the University of Colorado Denver, Sharmila Anand was the recipient of the Business School’s Outstanding MBA Student award in 2008. “It sure is a very special feeling and has made my parents in India very proud,” says Anand. “My 5-year-old daughter in India watched me graduate via the Web and promised that she will surely graduate and get an award like me in the future. I felt that was the most gratifying moment.”

Anand came to the United States in 2007 to fulfill her dream of attending a foreign university. A doctor in India, she wanted to learn more about the administrative side of healthcare. Her acceptance at CU Denver gave her the opportunity to do just that, and this past fall semester, Anand graduated with an MBA in health administration.

“Reflecting back now, the last two years have been the most productive years of my life,” comments Anand. “This program has given me so much that I am confident in taking on any challenge posed to me.”

A glance at Anand’s resume will attest to that fact. She has been highly involved in CU Denver’s research of medical tourism, assessing the impact of outsourcing health care on both the United States and developing countries. She volunteered at St. Joseph’s Hospital’s cardiovascular lab, pioneering a program to facilitate family/doctor communication, and she served the community by providing flu shots at local health fairs. Student groups have also been integral to Anand’s success, sponsoring her registration at many conferences, including one where she secured an internship with National Jewish Health that ultimately progressed into a full-time position.

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