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Jake Jabs Business Plan Competition awards over $50,000 to top five teams

Results: 1041

SHEconomy: Economic Impacts of Inequality

The end of tax season means finances and the economy are on everyone’s mind, but have you ever considered economic inequalities? Currently, women and people of color have less access to the economy.  Read more

May 7, 2024

Empowering Change: A Journey of Resilience and Advocacy

Navigating the workplace as a woman can be challenging, especially in industries where gender disparities persist. In such environments, classes like the CU Denver Business School’s Empowering Women in Business (EWiB) serve as invaluable resources, providing a platform for young women to gain insights, develop skills, and build networks to help them overcome barriers and thrive in their careers.  Read more

April 16, 2024

Scholarship for Success

Colleges are a bastion of creativity, innovation, and education, and those who choose to attend have their horizons expanded and forge connections that jumpstart careers.  Read more

April 12, 2024

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