CU Denver IS Program Adds New Specializations

Picture of a microchipThe Information Systems (IS) Program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School recently announced that they are adding several new specializations to their degree programs. Beginning Spring 2013, graduate students will be able to add Enterprise Risk Management, Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or eHealth and Healthcare Service Entrepreneurship as a specialization to their degree. For more information about the new specializations, see below, or visit the IS Program homepage and click the “Specializations” tab.

In addition to the new specializations added for graduate students, undergraduate students will be able to enroll in a dual BS and MS in Information Systems (MSIS) accelerated 4+1 degree program. The BS/MSIS dual degree program allows students to complete the BS and MSIS degrees in as little as 5 years through substituting two graduate courses for undergraduate courses in their senior year. Students can apply for the dual degree option in the spring semester of their junior year. A GPA of at least 3.5 in minimum of 21 Business School courses are required to be considered for admission. The admission decisions are made after the end of the spring semester.

Enterprise Risk Management

With this specialization, which is offered in collaboration with the Risk Management and Insurance program, students will get the necessary knowledge and skills in understanding organizational risks from corporate and information technology perspectives and in using and analyzing methods for managing risk within organizations. This specialization prepare students (1) to evaluate methods and tools for identifying and managing risks and opportunities faced by a firm in internal operations and insurance services, (2) to assess technologies and regulatory environments in which a firm competes from a risk management perspective, and (3) to understand information technology governance and service management roles in financial and insurance industry and more broadly in risk management in general. After finishing the first three core courses in both Information Systems and Risk Management, students will have the option to select the remaining five restricted elective courses from IS and risk management program along with two free electives.

Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Offered in collaboration with the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship, this specialization prepares students for successful careers in innovation-related roles, allowing them to organize, develop, and commercialize information technology-based innovation in existing firms or to create new technology-based ventures. This specialization prepares students to evaluate opportunities and manage the process of innovation and builds the necessary knowledge and skills that enable leaders to seize market opportunities and drive strategic management and intelligent decision making. It includes courses in both Information Systems and Entrepreneurship. After completing four required courses in both information Systems and Entrepreneurship, students will have the option to complete the remaining 6 by selecting courses from two sets of electives in both information systems and Entrepreneurship.

eHealth and Healthcare Service Entrepreneurship

This specialization is offered in collaboration with the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship, Graduate School of the University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus Program in Bio-innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the school of Medicine. With the pervasive nature of Internet-based technologies, healthcare services are undergoing significant transformations where both providers and consumers have access to information for making informed decisions yielding the best possible outcomes. While providers are adopting or upgrading to state-of-the-art IT, the ongoing liberation of healthcare data has energized technology vendors, healthcare systems, start-ups, and researchers to develop new applications, tools, and products. Advances in IT solutions, such as mobile apps, are also expected to empower consumers to interact with their care providers more effectively. This specialization is designed for (1) those interested in getting drugs, devices, diagnostics, healthcare IT products and scalable services platforms to market, (2) those interested in developing knowledge, skills and capabilities in bio-entrepreneurship. It focuses on how life science inventions and discoveries are developed, financed, and commercialized.

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