First Place: Revolution Motor, Stephen Katsaros

2003 Business Plan Competition Award Winners
2003 Business Plan Competition Award Winners

Revolution Motor (RevoPower) is a patented self-contained motor that fits onto a bicycle hub. It can be fitted to most bikes and the motor powers a standard bicycle to 25 mph.

Second Place: 2paw Software, Michael Byrne

2paw Software is a software consulting company operating in the Denver area. It develops custom software applications for small businesses which solve a variety of business challenges ranging from company payroll to online medical claims.

Third Place: Driveway Angel, Samuel Gilliss

Driveway Angel will provide customers with an affordable driveway hazard detection aid through a new video camera system that allows a driver to detect hazards before backing out of the garage.

Finalist: CeraPedics, Robert Tofe

In the rapidly growing field of osteobiologics (products used in conjunction with or as an alternative to autograft bone), CeraPedics offers one of the most promising and cost effective new technologies for repair and regeneration of bone.

Finalist: El Cart – El Enterprises (ECE), Scott Ford, Sharalyn Root, Todd Fiore, Justin Perkins, Mark Rubenstein

ECE is developing a low-cost GoTaco! cart franchise business. ECE plans to create, market, and sell cart franchises in all major cities within the U.S., initially operating in the Denver metro area.

Finalist: ExtremeDrive Adventures, Brian Wilson amd Tim Heath

ExtremeDrive is a travel services alliance for the adventure travel market. The company will use its competitive advantage to create marketing and technology leverage over the fragmented adventure travel industry.

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