First Place: MetroBoom. Jung Park

2004 Business Plan Competition Award Winners
2004 Business Plan Competition Award Winners

MetroBoom is a full-service premier style salon exclusively for men. It will provide a wide range of hair care, fashion, grooming services and products for men looking for the latest trends in fashion.

Second Place and Best Bioscience Award: Sterisil, Craig Hofmeister

Sterisil provides water purification systems to the dental industry. Sterisil’s silver ion based disinfection products change the way dental water is purified and provides dentists with simple and cost effective means in treating dental unit water lines.

Third Place: ProDeuce, John Neswadi and Kal Rucker

ProDeuce has developed the prototype for a transaction-driven, consumer, and store specific shopping guide. Named SlickList, this customized shopping guide makes shopping easier for the consumer and marketing more effective for grocers and product manufacturers.

Finalist: Peak 360, Gary Friedman

Peak 360 is a commercial insurance brokerage firm employing proprietary risk management solutions and techniques to help Colorado companies reduce their insurance costs. Peak 360’s proprietary tools help companies better understand and manage the unique risks they face while making more efficient and effective insurance decisions.

Finalist: Sawatch Enterprises, LLC, John Griffin and Mark Richter

Sawatch Enterprises will develop novel diagnostics based on emerging technologies that are rapid, quantitative, non-invasive, and cost effective. Its initial product is a non-invasive assay for the diagnosis and long term monitoring of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Finalist: Trasona Pharmaceuticals, Kevin Schmidt

Through the creation of a new therapeutic franchise founded on the pharmaceutical manipulation of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs), Trasona Pharmaceuticals will enhance the current standard of care in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. Trasona will offer safe interventions of the highest quality to improve the clinical outcomes in critically ill patients.

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