For the second consecutive year, CITI in conjunction with CU Denver’s Information Systems Association presented Become a Business Leader with the Edge. Though the Rockies were having their first home game in the World Series, it was extremely well attended by students.

Featured was a panel of top level executives from CITI companies to talk to and answer questions from students. The CIOs and other executives stressed the importance of in depth knowledge of Information Systems as a prerequisite for getting an edge in the business world.

Students had their questions answered at the event and some uploaded those questions to YouTube and were shown on the big screen during the question and answer period. Students learned more about how Information Systems impacts every aspect of business and should understand computer technology no matter what field specialize in.

CITI members who participated included:

  • Ball Corporation
  • City of Denver
  • DCP Midstream
  • Denver Health
  • Fiserv Investment Support Services
  • Gates Corporation
  • Great West Life
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Information Handling Services
  • Manville
  • Molson Co
  • ors
  • Opp
  • enheier F
  • unds
  • PriceWaterhous
  • eCoopers
  • State of Colorado, Dept. of Human Services
  • Via
  • west

The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Students felt the panel was very informative and they were happy to have such insight and perspective available to them. Many since have noted their interest in adding a information systems component to their experience.

The Business School offers many combined tracks for students who see the benefit of having information systems integrated with their other skills. At the undergraduate and graduate level student are able to combine combine Information Systems with Marketing, Management, Finance and Accounting in either their track (undergraduate) or their MBA or MS degrees.

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