1st Place: DEVELOPING MINDS SOFTWARE, Dawn & Mason Gregg, Michael Erskine, Colette Hanley, Lynn Sargent

2008 Business Plan Competition Award Winners
2008 Business Plan Competition Award Winners

Developing Minds Software offers unique web-based software services designed to address the needs of families and educational institutions challenged with serving the developmentally disabled. Their product, DDtrac, is a Web 2.0 application that allows for the efficient capture and analysis of special education data. Developing Minds Software co-founders include Lynn Sargent, Colette Hanley and Michael Erskine, all students at the CU Denver Business School, and Dawn Gregg, an assistant professor of information systems at the same school.


Gobai will create fresh and healthy Vietnamese-inspired dishes made with quality ingredients that are fresh from local farms to the customer’s plate. Gobai is designed to reawaken the fast casual restaurant industry with recipes that are nutritious and eclectic, that is served with the speed of traditional fast-food restaurants.

3rd Place: SNOASIS MEDICAL INC., Robert Tofe

Snoasis Medical is a medical device company developing regenerative products for use in dental surgery. This includes membranes composed of placental tissue and a wound healing agent derived from recently expired human banked blood. All of the products are expected to offer significant advantages over current treatment options.

Finalist: HEALTHY TRAVELS, Raj Joseph & Best International Award

Healthy Travels is a global healthcare service enabler that offers a comprehensive medical tourist solution by providing a premier healthcare experience outside of the United States coupled with unique first class travel opportunities during the recuperation and recovery phase.

Finalist: ROBOTICS ASSISTED GAIT TRAINING, Timothy S. Nicklas & Best Nonprofit Award

Robotics Assisted Gait Training is a nonprofit business plan for installing and operating a system that provides rigorous, customized, and monitored gait training utilizing modern technology that implements tried and trued therapies for patients with gait impairment.

Finalist: TISSUE GENETICS, Jeffrey Holt, M.D., James Bowman, Kimberly Gibson, Vanessa Clark & Best Bioscience Award

Tissue Genetics is a biomedical diagnostic company that identifies patients with genetic diseases, helping to determine their optimum course of care. Their novel diagnostic kits will establish a new paradigm for screening for hereditary diseases.

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