Colleges are a bastion of creativity, innovation, and education, and those who choose to attend have their horizons expanded and forge connections that jumpstart careers. However, the rising cost of college is a roadblock for many who want to pursue higher education. CU Denver Business School is so grateful to the many individuals and companies who donate. These donations become scholarships, which help many students overcome financial roadblocks and ensure their access to education.

Eduardo Romero, BSBA, Accounting ‘27
From manual labor to culinary school, Eduardo Romero’s recent high school graduation had many potential paths open. However, after seeing the opportunities open to him at the CU Denver Business School and the scholarships the school could provide him, he decided that business school was the right path.

“Thank you so much. [Scholarship donors] are the ones who let me start my educational journey. They empowered me and helped me come here. I don’t know what my path would have been if I hadn’t received the support I did.”

Jenna Green, BS, Information Systems ‘24
After she graduated high school, Jenna Green knew she wanted to attend college. After taking a few classes, she dropped out to enter the workforce, hoping to gain experience and needing to pay the student loans she took out. After several years in the business world, she enrolled at the Community College of Aurora to get her associate’s degree at CU Denver and pursue a degree in information systems. While the scholarship she was awarded isn’t enough to stop working full-time, she values the peace of mind and stability that the scholarship gives her.

“I appreciate every single cent of that scholarship, and I appreciate that [scholarship donors] are doing this for students and helping people break through barriers.”

Stella Romig-Leavitt, BSBA, Entrepreneurship
Stella Romig-Leavitt was homeschooled through high school, and after she graduated, she attended Front Range Community College. She wanted to participate in a four-year university but planned to attend trade school instead due to financial restrictions. The scholarships she received proved to be the “deciding factor,” and she was able to pursue her goals and attend the CU Denver Business School.

“Thank you so much for providing me the confidence and the opportunity to explore what I want to do.”

Courtney Munn, BSBA, Marketing ‘25
As a wholly independent, first-generation student who moved to Colorado at 18, Courtney Munn has worked incredibly hard to be where she is today. Through the hardship and adversity of her youth, she held onto the dream that there was more to life than what she had seen so far. She worked 60 hours a week as a full-time student to facilitate this dream. As the sole provider for her education, housing, and other needs, she was overwhelmed by the workload, and her free time “became a distant memory.” Scholarships allowed her to take a step back from work and focus not only on school but extracurriculars, as well as build her community.

“The impact of these scholarships extends far beyond the financial assistance they provide. They represent hope, opportunity, and the potential of individuals like myself.”

Scholarship donors have helped these students and countless others face the financial burden of college and aided them in shaping their futures through education. Through their generosity, previously closed doors have opened, making dreams of higher education a reality.

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