Internship: Suhail at Merrill Lynch

Suhail Ghoomun

In the current job market, the task of standing out to future employers is getting more difficult as competition between applicants increases. For today’s candidates, the ability to bring real-world industry experience into their first post-graduate position can be a game changing factor, the difference that sets them apart from the rest. CU Denver Business School Finance undergraduate, Suhail Ghoomun, is one of the many driven students who have recognized the importance of completing an internship before seeking an industry position, which is precisely what prompted him to pursue a learning opportunity with Merrill Lynch this summer.

For Ghoomun the opportunity to work for an industry-leading firm came in the form of a correspondence from Sue Wyman, Director of the Business Career Connections (BCC) office. Wyman informed Ghoomun of the internship position with Merrill Lynch, knowing that it would fit Ghoomun’s interests and aid in his professional development on an experiential level. Seeing it as a good fit, Ghoomun quickly sent along his resume and cover letter, both of which had been workshopped with the BCC previously, ensuring Ghoomun an even greater chance of success.

PMG group

Portfolio Management Group members

Thanks to his hard work, Ghoomun secured a financial analyst internship position with Merrill Lynch, where he will conduct product, market and client research, along with developing business acumen. In preparing for position’s application and interview process, Ghoomun says he owes the BCC office and Portfolio Management Group (PMG), a student organization that allows members to gain hands-on experience managing mock portfolios, a great deal of thanks.

“Working closely with the BCC office has helped my internship chances tremendously. Attending the career preparation workshops has allowed me to prepare for interview questions, while their resume and cover letter building guidance has allowed me to actualize my goal of obtaining an internship. Additionally, I have really enjoyed being a part of the Portfolio Management Group (PMG). It has given me the skills necessary to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply them to real world situations.”

The ability to persevere and leverage available resources are two things every student should do when looking to expand their work experience, says Ghoomun. “I think that every student should utilize the BCC in obtaining an internship or future career opportunities. I cannot begin to count how many times I have received an email from either Stephanie Sindt or Sue Wyman informing me about a new opportunity that has arisen. They really work to make sure that you get the career you want and do everything in their power to make it possible,” he said, adding, “I would always refer back to the BCC office for help in securing opportunities.”