First Place and Best Nonprofit Award: Journey of Life Meetinghouse
Team Leader: Tiffany Espinosa

2005 Business Plan Competition Award Winners
2005 Business Plan Competition Award Winners

Journey of Life Meetinghouse (JLM) is a nonprofit enrichment, activity and care center for seniors who would like to be involved in a safe, supportive community. The JLM works with clients who are functionally healthy and who either live on their own or with family members by providing daily transportation to the facility for full-service clinic needs, educational seminars, social activities, meals, and more.

Second Place and Best Bioscience Award: BP Proteomics, Inc.
Team Leaders: Catherine Kunst, Millard Cull

BP Proteomics will develop cutting-edge biotechnology to enable a new generation of diagnostic devices called protein microarrays. Protein Microarrays are a way of miniaturizing and multiplexing hundreds of diagnostic tests into a single test that can be carried out on a one inch by three inch microscope slide

Third Place: Ventless Combustion & Energy (VC&E) Corporation
Team Leader: Stanley Sanchez

VC & E Corp. is the sole provider of the zero-emissions Ventless Combustion System (VCS). The VCS is a patented assembly of proven mechanical and electronic systems organized to use organic wastes and fuel to generate electricity without air emissions or producing other waste products. It also produces thermal energy, construction minerals and hydrogen fuel.

Finalist: AirTravelerBAGXpress, Inc.
Team Leaders: Patricia Kurgan, Robert Sperling

AirTravelerBAGXpress is a service company focused on offering airline vacation travelers pre-shipping of their luggage. The company will offer resident pickup, intercity transport and delivery through a ground based system using trucks between cities, and air freight as backup.

Finalist: Resume Rooster
Team Leaders: Christopher Campanile, Thomas Marshello, Charles B. Carr

Resume Rooster offers both entry-level personnel and staffing firms an automated, one-stop, resume writing and job hunting process that is easy to use and affordable. Resume Rooster also provides assistance with posting their customer’s resume to top job seeking websites such as, Career Builder, and Hot Jobs.

Finalist: Voicestra
Team Leaders: Jeffrey Kohn, Tomas Kaplan, Mark Lohman

Voicestra is focused on developing technology-driven learning systems for offshore call center agents. Through a proprietary technology called “Voice Alignment” Voicestra constantly evaluates the user’s speech and produces specific real-time feedback that molds their voice to the desired result.

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