2009 Business Plan Competition
2009 Business Plan Competition Winners

First Place: OLOMOMO NUT COMPANY Justin Perkins, Peter Genuardi

Olomomo Nut Company aspires to be the foremost high-end, all natural and organic nut brand with its kettle-roasted nuts, coated with original and unexpected exotic spices and flavor blends. Olomomo will initially distribute through specialty coffee shops across America to conscious consumers who crave quality, delicious, high-protein, socially responsible products. Perkins graduated in 2003 from an 11-month MBA program at the University of Colorado Denver’s business school.

Second  Place: THE ORGANIC DISH Beckie and Toby Hemmerling

The Organic Dish makes pre-assembled, frozen meals using organic and farm-fresh ingredients for busy families and professionals. Customers may either buy meals at The Organic Dish’s kitchen in Boulder, or order online with an option for home or office delivery within the Denver Metro area. The Company focuses on catering to individuals and families who struggle to balance healthy eating at home and work with busy lives.

Third Place: VIBRALUNG, INC. Art Hughes, Jim Medford, Jon Wallace
Best Bioscience Price Winner

VibraLung, Inc. is a biomedical device company with a proprietary airway clearance device for treating patients with phlegm producing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Their product, VibraLung Advanced Acoustic Airway Clearance Percussor, will aid in phlegm removal, and thus mitigate both secondary infections and primary disease progression.

Finalist: GLOBAL CAFÉNATION Jake Sager, Nichole Parker Global
Best Non-profit and Best International Prize winner

CaféNation seeks to provide a sustainable solution to alleviate poverty and stimulate economic development in Tanzania through the direct trade of Tanzanian coffee and artisan goods in the United States. Profits from the sale of these products will compensate coffee growers and artisans, as well as sponsor children through secondary education in Tanzania.

Finalist: WESTERN STATES BIOPHARMACEUTICALS, INC. Michael J. Reilly, Carl K. Edwards, PhD

Western States Biopharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the treatment of inflammatory diseases. Through the development of novel drug therapies, the Company has created a treatment that blocks the part of the immune system attacking the body while also allowing the body to fight infection.

Finalist: ALSO ENERGY, Robert Schaefer, Holden Caine

Also Energy develops and maintains portfolios of mini solar electricity utilities for a target market of building owners and occupants in Colorado. Their first portfolio, Solar Power Pack One, consists of one megawatt of photovoltaic systems installed in Colorado. The customers pay for the electricity the system generates while Also Energy partners with Colorado electric integrators for design and installation, and performs system maintenance.

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