In 2011, the Business School at the University of Colorado Denver will introduce a Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) program. This exciting new program will launch with an undergraduate area of emphasis offered on campus, then online. In subsequent years, the program will extend to the graduate level. The RMI program is motivated by the pervasive reality of risk that affects organizations and individuals. With the recent global financial upheavals, the difference between success and failure has become increasingly dependent on an organization’s ability to measure, calibrate, and manage relevant areas of risk. The RMI program will produce a new generation of professionals with these much-needed critical thinking skills and specialized knowledge of the field.

Students completing the undergraduate RMI program will gain:

  • An in-depth understanding not only of the benefits insurance provides, but also the creation of insurance contracts and internal operations
  • Valuable tools and methods for identifying, measuring and handling both insurable and uninsurable risk faced by individuals and organizations
  • Hands-on experience, through internships provided by local industry, that will allow students to apply their knowledge to the work environment

As students complete the undergraduate RMI program, employers will be able to tap a new pool of educated professionals prepared to take on the challenges facing the insurance and risk management field. RMI students will be able make a seamless transition to the workforce, benefiting both the student and the hiring organization, and respond to the industry‘s need to develop a pipeline of executive talent.

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