Bridget Bell (third from left) poses after receiving a CoAMA scholarship at the 22nd Annual Peak Awards.

MBA student, Bridget Bell, understands marketing and knows that, in addition to knowing how to position products or services, successful marketing professionals know how to position their unique “brand.” Recently, Bell positioned herself as a bright, dedicated student and experienced marketing professional. Her personal brand campaign paid off in the form of a $1,000 scholarship from the American Marketing Association’s Colorado Chapter (CoAMA).

Financial boost for future marketing executives

CoAMA’s marketing scholarship is aimed at championing the field of marketing in Colorado and offering a financial boost to deserving students. According to Associate Marketing Professor and Director of Marketing Programs David Forlani, Bell fits the “deserving” description perfectly. In a recommendation letter accompanying her scholarship application, Forlani stated, “I predict that Bridget will achieve significant success in Denver’s marketing field and would be an impressive representative for the CoAMA’s scholarship.”

While working toward her Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism at the University of Colorado, Bell realized her passion was not necessarily for writing for media outlets, but instead for using promotions and advertising to create strategic partnerships. Augmenting her undergraduate education with internships and leadership positions in service organizations, she realized she would need to extend her education to really excel as a professional. She knew that learning about business in general would help her also learn the business of her clients, making her a more effective marketer. Soon after this realization, Bell found her way to the Professional MBA program at the Business School.

About how the MBA program’s curriculum has enhanced her marketing career, Bell stated, “I have learned how the economics of supply and demand can drive consumers to your product. I have learned how to manage a successful team to make a marketing program more efficient. And I have learned how to leverage marketing resources to include social media and grassroots efforts.”

Professor Keaveney’s pivotal influence

While working through the MBA program, Bell has carried a full-time job as the public relations and media coordinator for the Denver office of R.W. Beck and maintained an impressive 4.0 grade point average. Sue Keaveney, one of Bell’s most influential marketing professors in the Business School, played a key role in Bell’s decision to apply for the scholarship.

“Bridget is a stand-out marketing student—her passion and focus set her apart,” said Keaveney. “She’s one of those students who seems to thrive on challenges and does a great job of dividing her time between her work, her career and her education. And she really understands marketing in all its aspects. What else can I say other than she really deserves this scholarship award….”

The panel of judges for the CoAMA scholarship award felt the same. Business School alum, Dina Isyemina (MS Marketing ’05), is an active member in COAMA and a judge on the panel. Isyemina recounted some of the traits that set Bell apart—including her professionalism, passion and drive in pursuing her education and furthering her career. “You could see Bridget really believed what she wrote in her application essay,” Isyemina said. “You could tell that she wanted to do what she was doing…and get better at it.”

First to win at graduate level

Although Bell was the first to win the award at the graduate level, CoAMA offers a multitude of ways for college students at all levels to get involved. In addition to the annual awards ceremony honoring all scholarship winners, CoAMA offers events year-round, including strategic luncheons, online webinars, free happy hours and other networking opportunities. All these events provide students with a chance to gain exposure to local players in the marketing industry and potential future employers.

“Whether you participate in CoAMA or any other organization, being involved provides so much visibility,” insisted Isyemina. “With the scholarship specifically, all the applicants put themselves in front of the judges. The judges today will be hiring tomorrow, so you can see how important it is to be proactive about your career early on.”

That is exactly what Bell is doing as she heads into her final semesters at the Business School. After graduation, she hopes to continue on her career path and be a champion for the marketing profession for years to come.

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