(from left to right) Cliff Young, Associate Dean of Faculty and Programs; Henry Wang, Executive Adviser of Corporate Strategy & Planning, Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC); Sueann Ambron, Dean, the Business School; Jerry Wartgow, Chancellor, University of Colorado Denver; Larry Cunningham, Accenture Term Professor of Marketing

Mr. Henry Wang, Executive Adviser of Corporate Strategy & Planning at Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC), visited the Business School on April 14, 2011.  During his visit, Mr. Wang met with the Chancellor of the University of Colorado Denver and the Dean of the Business School to discuss wide-ranging developments in the renewable energy field.

Mr. Wang’s presentation was entitled, “International Fossil & Renewable Energy Strategic Co-Developments.”  His presentation dealt with the organization and operations of SABIC as well as his opinions regarding the pace of development of renewable energy sources.  At the conclusion of his presentation, he offered insights into the politics and strategic challenges of renewable energy as well as the overall supply and demand situation in the Middle East.

Professor Lawrence Cunningham, Accenture Professor of Marketing, hosted Mr. Wang during his visit to the Business School at the University of Colorado Denver. Professor Cunningham originally met Mr. Wang during a visit to Beijing when he was the GM at Shell Global Solutions China.  Mr. Wang was extremely helpful to Professor Cunningham in providing information on the Chinese energy environment as well as offering perspectives on the Chinese business developments.

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