Image of people having a discussion at an a table outsideThe Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) Program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School recently held their Fall Semester Shadow Day. This event gives students the opportunity to explore the industry, make connections, and learn what really is involved in a career in the RMI industry from working professionals.

The RMI Shadow Day was open to students in all programs and from all backgrounds, not just those in the RMI Program. This gives students the chance to discover the industry first-hand and talk to people who know it best—the professionals who work in the industry. Said one graduate student that participated in the event:

“I am not currently in the RMI Program, but the Shadow Day was extraordinarily helpful. The people at the organization I visited were unbelievably gracious, and were patient with answering my questions and explaining things to me that may have been fairly basic to them. They opened up their Rolodex to me, offering to help me make connections with people that may have positions of interest to me. All-in-all, I would certainly recommend the RMI Shadow Day to any student who thinks they MAY be interested in getting into the industry. There are many more types of positions available than I would have thought, and there is tremendous growth potential.”

To find out more about the RMI Program or participating in a Shadow Day, contact Cindy Baroway via email at or phone at 303-315-8154.

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