CU Denver Business School Associate Professor of Finance Jian Yang has been recognized for his work in commodities education and research by Commodity HQ. Yang was named among the top 15 ‘Commodity Friendly’ academics in the world on the Commodity HQ website.
”These professors have not only helped our understanding of the often complex commodities market, they have also been pioneers in the field, allowing investors of all walks to look at the space from a different perspective. For those wondering who exactly is behind the commodity-focused academia scene, we highlight several accomplished commodity-friendly professors,” states the site.
The site also notes that, “Yang’s work has been cited by the World Bank, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, as well as many other notable names in the industry.”
A chartered financial analyst (CFA), Yang teaches courses in emerging markets finance, investment analysis as well as investment and portfolio management. He has published more than a dozen articles on commodities.
“We think Professor Jian Yang is paving the way for educators everywhere and we are grateful for his contributions,” wrote Michael Johnston, of Mitre Media – the organization that manages various investment-related web and information services.
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