On April 14 and 15, undergraduate business students from a four-state region took part in the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative’s fifth annual Consortium Case Competition. Ten student teams competed, representing business schools from universities in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

The University of Colorado Denver Business School’s team earned third place. The Business School team’s third place showing was especially impressive since this was only the second year that our Business School competed in the Case Competition. (Eight of the ten business schools in the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium Case Competition had participated in all five of the annual Case Competitions)

Our 2016 Consortium Case Competition team members were:

Alexis Aydelott
Lyndsey Davis
Richard Duron
Morgan Graphman
Rudolph Martinez
Calie Sorensen

The team’s Faculty Advisors were Ira Selkowitz and Sarah Kovoor-Misra.

Designed exclusively for business schools that are members of the Daniel’s Fund Ethics Consortium, the competition requires teams to provide the best solution to a thought-provoking business ethics issue. The competition is intended to challenge students’ ethical reasoning, improve decision-making and raise awareness of the importance of principle-based ethics.

This year’s Case Competition required participants to play the role of business ethics consultants. Teams assessed a fictional company facing an ethical dilemma, then presented recommendations to a panel of business professionals.

The panel of judges evaluated the students’ presentations based on established criteria, including the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Principles: integrity, trust, accountability, transparency, fairness, respect, rule of law, and viability.

About the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at the University of Colorado Denver Business School

The University of Colorado Denver Business School recently received a grant from the Daniels Fund to participate in the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative, which is aimed at teaching students principle-based ethics, emphasizing real-world application of ethical principles, and extending ethical behavior beyond campus and into the community.

The Daniels Fund Collegiate Program was launched in 2010 with a $7.5 million grant and eight participating schools, and was renewed for another five years (2015-2019) with an $11.25 million grant and the addition of three more schools, including the CU Denver Business School

Learn more about the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at the University of Colorado School of Business. To learn more about the Daniels Fund, visit DanielsFund.org/ethics.


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