Build your social media presence on a foundation of integrity

Creating and maintaining a successful social media brand comes with its own special set of perks as well as its own challenges. YouTube tech reviewer Tim Schofield (“Your Tech Simplified“) visited the CU Denver Business School to share insight on building an online brand with integrity.

Tim shared tips for getting started and making money in social media as well as some ethical challenges he’s faced – like taking advantage of freebies, maintaining honesty and transparency in reviews, and taking his level of influence seriously.

Building an Enduring Online Brand

Tim has been a full-time YouTube Partner for over 6 years and currently has over 380,000 subscribers and over 100 million total video views. He shared advice for students looking to get started building an online media presence. The first step is to find where there is a hole in a market – a gap in knowledge, or a need that isn’t being addressed. Then, do your research.

“I highly recommend really knowing who your target audience is – particularly what websites they visit and what forums they follow – this was the absolute best place for me to start,” Tim said.

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