Aleena Sarwana, Grecia Portillo

Aleena Sarwana, a junior studying HR Management in the Business School. got involved in student government in her sophomore year. “I felt uninvolved my freshman year, and student government was always doing something to help the school, so I decided to run for office. It gave me a purpose in college,” she said.

The same sense of purpose rings true for Grecia Portillo, a fourth-year International Business student, who first got involved in student government as a member of Freshman Council.

Both Sarwana and Portilo were elected, creating an all-female top student leadership team.

If there’s ever been an all-female executive team, no one can remember when, and both Portillo and Sarwana are excited to be a part of what could well be the first. “It’s beneficial to have a female perspective on things,” says Sarwana. While a female leadership team is certainly a change, Portillo acknowledged that the previous executives were really good and left an impressive legacy for them to follow.

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