The Women in Business club is going into its second year since being reintroduced on the CU Denver campus and the group is more driven than ever to give all Lynx students a place to feel at home. While the club’s name may suggest it is open to only business-focused women the officers are the first to welcome everyone and anyone looking to feel empowered in the corporate world. With club events that range from confidence workshops to alumni panels, the organization has no shortage of useful and fun activities.

So, what is the mission of the Women in Business Club? The former president Ashleigh Dodero described the club as “a future-oriented group of students from all fields that focus on creating close networks and skill-building events to endorse the confidence and presence of women and allies in the corporate world”.

Women in Business membersWhile the group already has a few events for this semester (mentioned below), they are looking forward to using this semester to get back to in-person meetings and creating an annual event that celebrates the students and all their involvement. The officers are also making an effort to establish a greater presence on campus and hoping to get both faculty and students to join its ever-expanding network.

Finally, when asked what it takes to join and get involved in the club, the officers were beyond excited to share that all it takes to join is to show up to an event. The club uses its social media presence to update current and new members on events and will start off this semester with their alumni panel via zoom. The best part? It’s all free to students!

If you are interested in joining the Women in Business club for an event, feel free to drop into any of their upcoming events or reach out to the officers via social media or email.

Women in Business’ upcoming events:
KPMG Panel May 4 at 5 p.m. Registration at

Women in Business social media accounts and contacts:
Instagram: @cudenverwomeninbusiness

Twitter: @cudenverWIB

Facebook: CU Denver Women in Business

LinkedIn: CU Denver Women in Business CU Denver Women in Business Linkedin

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