Christine Narayan is an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado Denver Business School working on earning her Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management & Accounting. Christine was born in Fiji, but has lived in Colorado most of her life. Her hard work at CU Denver has earned her the Dean’s Continuing Education scholarship.

“Receiving the Dean’s Continuing Education scholarship has really pushed me to work extremely hard in my studies. I’ve always striven to be exemplary in both at work and in school, but receiving the recognition of a scholarship has pushed me to work even harder to excel in school.

“It was really gratifying to be recognized for my hard work at school. I have a little brother and sister who I have mentored on their school and career paths, and I always encourage them to do as well as they can in school, so they have the opportunity to be recognized by the dean and receive the same type of acknowledgement for their hard work that I have. Scholarships reward hard work and dedication, but also allow financially challenged students to pursue an education with ease.”

Christine’s story is an example of the broad-reaching impact that scholarships have, beyond simply positively affecting recipients. Christine is one of many students who benefit directly from the generosity of donors. Each year the Business School gathers the top community and business leaders at Denver’s premier event, the Celebration of Success, helping to raise essential support for student scholarships in order to make an impact in the lives of students, like Christine.

This year’s Celebration of Success will feature a keynote address, titled ”Let’s Fix the Debt,” from Alan Simpson, US Senator from Wyoming (retired) and Co-Chair of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (2010). To find out more about Celebration of Success and how to get involved, visit

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