Students - Business Minor
Students - Business Minor

According to a recent study cited by Forbes, fewer than two in five managers believe that college graduates were well-prepared for a job in their field of study.  Additionally, “only one in ten business leaders strongly agreed that institutions were graduating students with the skills and competencies their businesses needed.” The University of Colorado Denver Business School has recently taken initiative to change this.

In the Fall of 2015, the Business School will launch a new comprehensive business minor that focuses on preparing non-business students for careers in business.  Students enrolled in the business minor have the benefit of following their passion with their undergraduate degree while adding the business knowledge and skills employers want.

The business minor is a five-course program open to all undergraduate students with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.  Emphasis is placed on developing the knowledge and skills that provide a practical business foundation.

Courses cover all of the essential areas of business that are pertinent to succeed in today’s workplace.  The courses that will be offered are: Introduction to Business; Fundamentals of Management, Marketing, and Operations; Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, Finance, and Data Driven Analysis; Essential Skills for Today’s Workplace; and Capstone: Innovation, Strategy, and Business Planning.

In addition to the invaluable knowledge provided in these classes, students enrolled in the minor will receive all of the benefits attributed to being a Business School student.  This includes career coaching, job, internship and networking opportunities, career fairs, and job search and interview boot camps.  Furthermore, the Business School has over 300 business partners who participate on boards and advisory councils, provide scholarships, advice on curriculum and provide internships and jobs to business school students.

Undergraduate students interested in enrolling in the business minor should speak to their advisor or contact a Business School advisor at or call 303-315-8110.  Students can also contact the business minor program coordinator, Courtney Burkett by emailing or calling (303)-315-8210.

To find out more about the business minor follow this LINK.

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