The University of Colorado recently launched an online course series teaching data warehousing on Coursera, the world’s largest open online education provider. Launched on September 15, the Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence Specialization is a series of courses taught by CU Denver’s top faculty. The certificate program is open to anyone and ends with a capstone project, in which students build their own data warehouse with business intelligence functionality.

Data warehousing, a system used for reporting and data analysis, is becoming an integral part of business management. The certificate courses will be taught by professors Michael Mannino and Jahangir Karimi of the Information Systems program here at the CU Denver Business School. Together they have more than six decades of experience and teaching in data warehouses and business intelligence.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to share instruction and research about data warehouses with a larger learning community,” said Mannino, author of the popular textbook Database Design, Application Development and Administration, which covers material used in four of the five MOOC courses in the specialization. “Corporate training companies charge thousands for this level of education. Tens of thousands around the world will have access to this same level of training at a small fraction of the cost.”

The data warehousing specialization gives learners a broad understanding of data and business intelligence concepts and trends from experts in the field. The Specialization also provides significant opportunities to gain hands-on skills in designing, building and implementing both data warehouses and the business intelligence functionality that are crucial in the era of massive data.

“With this specialization, learners will gain the necessary skills and knowledge in data warehouse design, data integration processing, data visualization, online analytical processing, dashboards and scorecards and corporate performance management,” Karimi said. “They will also receive hands-on experience with leading data warehouse products and business intelligence tools to investigate specific business or social problems.”

The University of Colorado is proud to be a national leader in MOOC development and experimentation, with nearly 600,000 learners across 10 courses on Coursera.

“This latest course launch is a great example of how CU is using Coursera’s growing platform to deliver high-quality education to students who otherwise might not be able to access it,” said Michael Lightner, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs at CU. “As far as reaching a global audience, there’s no better way to showcase the excellence of teaching and learning at CU.”

“We are thrilled to offer a Specialization in data warehousing from the University of Colorado,” said Daphne Koller, president and co-founder of Coursera. “Data analysis is among the most popular course topics for Coursera learners who are hungry for access to knowledge in one of the fastest growing career fields of our time.”

You can learn more about this course and how to register for it here.

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