Dani Choromanski, a student at the CU Denver Business School and chapter member of Gamma Iota Sigma, spearheaded a toy drive over the holidays to help bring joy to children who were spending their holiday at the Children’s Hospital. Dani shared with us her experience and gratitude for everyone who helped below:

First and foremost, I wanted to say thank you on behalf of Children’s Hospital to everyone affiliated with the University of Colorado Denver Business school that donated or took the time to consider donating. The staff was completely thrilled and elated by the number of gifts that were donated.

As many may know, I worked in nursing for a couple years and could see firsthand how the holidays are a miserable experience in the hospital. I could not imagine the suffering children that have so much life ahead of them are going through during the holidays. Many of these children are fighting cancer, enduring bone marrow transplants, and overcoming various other sicknesses and diseases. We often take our health for granted, and it is important to put ourselves in others’ shoes.

Gamma Iota Sigma changed the holidays for some of the kids enduring the unimaginable. With the help of GIS, the business school students, faculty, professors, people in the industry, coworkers and friends; it is safe to say we had a successful toy drive. Although I had the gifts packed up and could not unpack/repack, I have attached a picture of just TWO of the multiple bags unloaded on a table. The end result is the wagon with several of these bags (there is more than it looks like). I am assuming that well over 150 toys were donated yesterday. A special thank you to Patrick Madsen-Williams for letting me run with this idea and recruiting appropriate help for various parts of the drive. Patrick also had Verus Underwriting provide a whole box of toys to donate. Gabbi Briones stepped up and gave a hand wherever it was needed. Andrew Rotz (our Building Manager) allowed us to have the donation box by the security kiosk. Many professors let the students present our toy drive during classes, making it a minimal interruption.

As far as next year, I would love to have GIS and the RMI industry involved in the next drive. Whether we decide it is toys for the hospital, or another avenue to provide to those in need, with some research we will come to a decision. More opportunity to lead and tools will be given to members next year. I will obviously take on the bulk of the work and be the driving force underneath so that we stay on schedule. In terms of time, next year we will work to get the drive started more promptly. The timing worked out this year, but ideally I want this drive to spread as far as we can. With proper planning, I will be able to present to CPCU and RIMS about this drive during end
of year meetings as well.

Once again, thank you to all that donated, and thank you for creating more smiles on the faces of these precious children. One small gift creates a much larger ripple. Joy is contagious, and we can never have too much joy circulating. Yesterday, an act of kindness made the world a better place. Thank you all for being that act of kindness.

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