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CU Denver Business School’s Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence Specialization, a set of massive open online courses (MOOCs) offered through Coursera, is one of the top-rated specializations in the data science category for business, receiving about 4.5 stars out of 5 with a total of over 6,000 course completions across the five courses.

The specialization was developed by two Information Systems professors at the Business School, Jahangir Karimi and Michael Mannino. Combined, they have over six decades of experience and teaching data warehousing and business intelligence.

The specialization is comprised of five courses and a capstone project. Learners gain the necessary skills and knowledge in data warehouse design, data integration processing, data visualization, online analytical processing, dashboards and scorecards and corporate performance management for analyzing information to develop insights.

The student ratings reflect the long-term commitment of the Business School’s Information Systems program. Under the leadership of Dr. Karimi, Information Systems faculty created a business intelligence track in 2007. Even before the initiation of this track, Professors Karimi and Mannino taught courses in business intelligence and data warehousing for many years. The experience from teaching these courses provided the foundation for the Coursera Specialization.

Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Associate Vice President for Digital Education and Engagement, and Bryan Less, Manager in CU Denver Media, contributed their expertise to ensure high quality in content delivery.

The reason for the success of this specialization can be attributed to its relevance in today’s market. The five courses together provide participants with sought-after skills and many growing opportunities across several industry sectors in the rapidly evolving business intelligence field.

Dr. Karimi spoke on the success of the MOOC, stating, “They receive hands-on experience in leading data warehouse products and business intelligence tools to investigate specific business problems. The rating reflects the appropriateness of the content and its delivery to the learners.”

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