Dr. Sharmila Anand, Rohan Christie-David

“Sharmila is an inspiration,” declared Rohan Christie-David, Dean, Business School, during the October reception honoring University of Colorado Denver alumna Dr. Sharmila Anand, who was recently honored as one of thirteen “Heroines of Health” at the 70th World Health Assembly.

“She wants to give back to India as well as to CU Denver; she is a strong advocate for education and for the development of affordable health care options,” continued Dean Christie-David, as he and Dr. Anand signed the formal Memorandum of Understanding that fosters programs such as the new study abroad program, CU Denver in India: Global Health in the Heart of India.

For Dr. Anand, the process of arrival on campus as an international student to her return as an internationally-recognized guest has been “an amazing journey.”

The path from India to Denver began with online searches for American colleges that led her to the International Affairs and University websites.  “I had originally wanted to become a cardiologist, but in India, clinical practice for a mother was not accepted easily. It was expected that I would only take care of my baby, which I did, but I also wanted to pursue my education.”

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