How five Business School accounting students won regional and national scholarships

Not one, not two, but five students earn prestigious accounting COCPA and PCAOB scholarships

Student organization offers free tax assistance

According to a 2013 Quinnipiac survey, approximately two-thirds of Americans find the federal income tax system to be too complicated, and therefore resort to outsourcing the work of filing to a third party. More often than not, those who choose this option pay hefty fees for the convenience of having their taxes prepared for them. […]

Beta Alpha Psi Meet & Greet a stunning success

It’s not every day that a wide variety of top accounting firms travel to a college campus with the goal of recruiting students for employment opportunities. But at the CU Denver Business School Beta Alpha Psi’s (BAP) recent Meet & Greet, that’s exactly what happened. As a precursor to BAP’s more formal fall career fair, the Meet & […]

Accounting and Information Systems 4+1 dual degrees

Undergraduate students at the University of Colorado Denver Business School now have the opportunity to enroll in dual degree programs to obtain their MS in Information Systems or their MS in Accounting in addition to their bachelor degrees. Students pursuing an undergraduate degree in accounting can apply for the BS/MS Accounting 4+1 degree program. The […]

Accounting Graduate Student Profile: Kersie Jhabvala

Kersie Jhabvala was CU Denver Business School graduate student in the Accounting Program prior to graduating this past December. Kersie shared with us the story that led to her choosing CU Denver and eventually graduating from the university. “So my story actually started on the east coast—I was born and raised in North Carolina, then […]

Challenges transform into hope

With only one course left to complete his MS in Accounting, Mark Lasser went into the darkest time of his life.  This was due in part to the rare optic condition called Non-arthritic Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION).  The condition that begins with similar symptoms to that of an allergy, leaves the person completely blind by […]

Research by Dr. Michael Roberts featured across news sites

After you make a purchase, do you notice the sales tax printed on the receipt? What would happen if that amount increased?  Based upon the newest research from Dr. Michael Roberts, Director of the Accounting Program at the University of Colorado, in collaboration with Dr. Cynthia Blanthorne of the University of Rhode Island, you might […]