Student organization offers free tax assistance

According to a 2013 Quinnipiac survey, approximately two-thirds of Americans find the federal income tax system to be too complicated, and therefore resort to outsourcing the work of filing to a third party. More often than not, those who choose this option pay hefty fees for the convenience of having their taxes prepared for them. […]

Why the Flat Tax Is More Popular Than Ever

The simple levy hasn’t been this talked about since 1996 More progressivity means more progress. Especially after 2008. That’s the Democratic tax philosophy seven autumns after the financial crisis. Voters are still frustrated by the arbitrary quality of the rescues and the uneven quality of the recovery. So Hillary Clinton proposes increases in capital-gains-tax rates […]

Big Data, Big Tax Code

New MS programs in Taxation and Business Analytics prepare students for fast-growing fields Inspired teaching can make all the difference. Matt Kelsall noticed this last summer when he took a Management of Operations class from Business Analytics Professor Gary Kochenberger, PhD. The material was complicated, but thanks to Kochenberger’s enthusiasm and skill, Kelsall grew more […]

CU Denver Business School’s MS in Taxation Perfect for Working Professional

Taxes. “Everyone has to pay them and they’re fairly complicated,” said Eric Zinn, director of the Master of Science in Taxation degree program at University of Colorado Business School and owner of a private tax law practice. “The tax code is changing all the time because there are always new laws coming into effect.” CU […]

CU Denver offers MS in Taxation

Enrollment is underway for the new Master of Science in Taxation degree at the University of Colorado Denver Business School. The Business School is the only public university and one of 15 schools in the nation to offer this degree program. Previously, graduates who completed extra taxation courses received a certification in taxation. Many accounting […]

Business School to Offer New MS in Taxation

Benjamin Franklin famously said that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” The CU Denver Business School now offers the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in a career in this stable industry, with the recent announcement that they will soon be offering a Master’s of Science in Taxation. This will […]

Business School to Offer Tax CPE Course

The Business School at the University of Colorado Denver has recently announced it will offer its first continuing professional education (CPE) course for tax professionals. The course is entitled “Recent Proposed Treasury Regulations Affecting the Taxation of Partnership Loss Transfers and Mandatory Basis Adjustments under Subchapter K.” The purpose of the course is to provide participants […]