Professor Specializing in Health Information Technology Featured in WSJ

In the 21st century, the push toward digitizing information exploded, except for in one major industry: health-care. Featured in a recent Wall Street Journal piece on electronic medical records, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, Dr. Jiban Khuntia, explained why the shift took so long, and what finally led to it. When you walk into a doctor’s […]

Professor Jian Yang Featured in China Daily

CU Denver Professor Jian Yang, Director of the university’s Finance and Risk Management program, was recently featured in the most prominent national English newspaper in China, China Daily. At the annual Global Investment Conference held in New York earlier this month, scholars, company executives, and investors gathered to exchange their views on a plethora of […]

Professor Bonaparte’s research featured in Wall Street Journal

Yosef Bonaparte has been with the CU Denver Business School since 2014 as an Assistant Professor of Finance. Before becoming an integral part of the University, Bonaparte graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008 with a Ph.D. in Financial Economics. Professor Bonaparte’s main research interests are in Portfolio Choice and Asset Pricing. […]

China Factories Face Competition

While China is currently the most competitive manufacturing nation on the globe, a new study released on Wednesday predicts that the United States will surpass it by the end of the decade, as a global shift to more advanced methods of assembly favors advanced economies. Jian Yang, Director of Finance at the University of Colorado Denver […]

Boulder County Rigs Still Pumping, But Price Decline Projected to Last Into 2017

The recent drop in oil costs are benefiting the consumer now, but will eventually cost others jobs, including right here at home. In December of 2014 oil was trading at $107 a barrel. Today it hovers around $30. As a result of that free-fall, the value of Colorado’s oil production dropped by more than 34 […]

Meltdown 2.0 led by China Selloff, Again

The Director of Finance and Risk Management at the CU Denver Business School Professor Jian Yang is an authority in the Finance world here at CU Denver and abroad. Yang was recently featured in China Daily to talk about stocks slumping across the world precipitated by heavy selling in China as officials in the mainland […]

Why the Flat Tax Is More Popular Than Ever

The simple levy hasn’t been this talked about since 1996 More progressivity means more progress. Especially after 2008. That’s the Democratic tax philosophy seven autumns after the financial crisis. Voters are still frustrated by the arbitrary quality of the rescues and the uneven quality of the recovery. So Hillary Clinton proposes increases in capital-gains-tax rates […]