• 2007 Business Plan Competition Award Winners

    First Place: Apex Design, Nate Algoe, Jason Osaki, & Scott Thomas

    Apex Design, PC is a transportation engineering consulting firm. The firm provides services to the Intelligent Transportation Systems market. Their customers include public sector transportation agencies, private industry developers and other consulting firms.

    Second Place: Dizgo, Jeffrey Kohn, Tomas Kaplan, Jeff Cahoon

    Dizgo provides a novel form of mobile-based advertising for brick and mortar retailers.  Read more

    June 16, 2007
    Rebecca Ward
  • 2006 Business Plan Competition Award Winners

    First Place: Tensegrity Prosthetics, Jerome Rifkin

    Tensegrity Prosthetics, Inc. has created the first major technological advancement for prosthetic feet in the past 25 years. The company will initially manufacture the product while it builds a distribution network through prosthetists and distributors. Tensegrity has created a working prototype of its first product, called “The Liberator,” which incorporates information that details the complex workings of the human foot.  Read more

    June 16, 2006
    Rebecca Ward
  • 2005 Business Plan Competition Award Winners

    First Place and Best Nonprofit Award: Journey of Life Meetinghouse
    Team Leader: Tiffany Espinosa

    Journey of Life Meetinghouse (JLM) is a nonprofit enrichment, activity and care center for seniors who would like to be involved in a safe, supportive community. The JLM works with clients who are functionally healthy and who either live on their own or with family members by providing daily transportation to the facility for full-service clinic needs, educational seminars, social activities, meals, and more.  Read more

    June 16, 2005
    Rebecca Ward
  • 2004 Business Plan Competition Award Winners

    First Place: MetroBoom. Jung Park

    MetroBoom is a full-service premier style salon exclusively for men. It will provide a wide range of hair care, fashion, grooming services and products for men looking for the latest trends in fashion.

    Second Place and Best Bioscience Award: Sterisil, Craig Hofmeister

    Sterisil provides water purification systems to the dental industry.  Read more

    June 16, 2004
    Rebecca Ward
  • 2003 Business Plan Competition Award Winners

    First Place: Revolution Motor, Stephen Katsaros Revolution Motor (RevoPower) is a patented self-contained motor that fits onto a bicycle hub. It can be fitted to most bikes and the motor powers a standard bicycle to 25 mph. Second Place: 2paw Software, Michael Byrne 2paw Software is a software consulting company operating in the Denver area. It develops custom software applications for small businesses which solve a variety of business challenges ranging from company payroll to online medical claims.  Read more

    June 16, 2003
    Rebecca Ward
  • 2002 Business Plan Competition Award Winners

    First Place: The Manor at Castle Pines, Jim Christopherson

    The Manor at Castle Pines will be a large and beautiful event center whose design, layout, ambiance and business model all cater to couples that desire a captivating facility in which they create their dream wedding.

    Second Place: Provisions Specialty Market, Maureen Lawer

    Provisions will offer downtown Denver residents a more complete and enjoyable food shopping experience with a broad base of specialty and basic food items.  Read more

    June 16, 2002
    Rebecca Ward