Accounting Graduate Student Profile: Kersie Jhabvala

Kersie Jhabvala was CU Denver Business School graduate student in the Accounting Program prior to graduating this past December. Kersie shared with us the story that led to her choosing CU Denver and eventually graduating from the University. “So my story actually started on the east coast—I was born and raised in North Carolina, then […]

Meet The Firms Gives Students a Chance to Network with Professionals

On September 11th the Beta Alpha Psi-Theta Sigma Chapter and the CU Denver Portfolio Management Group hosted  Meet The Firms to connect students with potential employers. The purpose of the event was to connect accounting, finance, and information system students with recruiters and professionals in the industry. It was well attended and great opportunity for […]

Examining the Tax Fairness Partisan Divide: Professor Michael Roberts Wins Innovative Research Award

In August, Accounting Professor Michael Roberts and Theresa Roberts, a Master of Science in Accounting student, won the Innovative Research Award for the 20th Annual Symposium on Ethics Research in Accounting, presented by the American Accounting Association (AAA).  The award was made jointly by the Professionalism and Ethics Committee and by the Public Interest Section […]

Challenges Transform into Hope

With only one course left to complete his MS in Accounting, Mark Lasser went into the darkest time of his life.  This was due in part to the rare optic condition called Non-arthritic Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION).  The condition that begins with similar symptoms to that of an allergy, leaves the person completely blind by […]

Challenges Lead to Change for Student Irvin Munoz

“With life being a challenge for everybody, it is important that we never let our circumstances define us, and that we always strive to make our lives—along with everybody else’s—better.” – Irvin Calderas Munoz The wise words from one of this year’s outstanding students and recent graduates, Irvin Calderas Munoz.  Munoz has been triumphant, but […]

Research by Dr. Michael Roberts Featured Across News Sites

After you make a purchase, do you notice the sales tax printed on the receipt? What would happen if that amount increased?  Based upon the newest research from Dr. Michael Roberts, Director of the Accounting Program at the University of Colorado, in collaboration with Dr. Cynthia Blanthorne of the University of Rhode Island, you might […]

Director of Accounting Program featured in WalletHub Article

Director of Accounting and Associate Professor, Michael Roberts, is no stranger to accounting for taxes.  In fact, he’s quite the expert.  That’s why WalletHub – a “social network for your wallet” – asked him for his opinion for the article, 2015’s Best States to Be Rich or Poor from a Tax Perspective.  The article “identified […]